Third Workshop on Rail Human Factors

Human factors in railways is a topic that becomes more and more important. So far, changes to the railway system were driven by technical developments with the human acting as back up. However, little thought was given if and how humans can best fulfill their new role.

In other European countries, especially Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries, rail human factors research is well established. Unfortunately, due to the diverse nature of the railways systems with e.g. its different operational rules and safety culture a simple transfer of their research results is not possible. Rail human factors research in Germany is so far very limited. With this workshop we hope to help raise awareness to the importance of rail human factors and want to trigger new research in this area in Germany especially within the community of railway research as we are convinced that only with a strong background in railways best results will be obtained.

Focus of the workshop will be research aiming for a user-friendly, safe and efficient rail transport of tomorrow. Research areas can be, for example, train drivers’ and signallers’ workplaces, level crossings, metro and light rail, traffic management, and organizational processes. 


The agenda and registration for the 3. workshop on 17 and 18 April 2018 will be avalable next week.